Junta/Junko Goromaru



Vital statistics
Name Junta/Junko Goromaru
Gender Male
Female (after rain)
Class Freshman
(Amagai Boys' Academy as Junta)
(Amagai Girls' Academy as Junko)
First Appearance

Junta Goromaru is one of the five male leads in Clear up After Rain, and is the most athletic and enthusiastic of the five boys. Like the others, he is affected by a condition that causes him to transform into a girl when it rains. As a girl, he is known as Junko Goromaru, but perfers to be called Goro-Chan in either form.


As a guy, he is somewhat vertically challenged, the shortest of the five boys. His hair has been depicted as blonde, usually sporting his school uniform of a black jacket and long pants, a white-collared undershirt and a black tie. In Karate uniform, he wears a white gi and a black karate belt.

As a girl, his already puny height decreases even further. His hair grows out slightly, and so far the only attire he officially owns as a girl is the school uniform, comprised of a button-up top with a coloured ribbon tied at the chest, with a skirt and shoes.


Goromaru is somewhat childish, with a great appetite. As a guy, he is optimistic and very excitable, taking pleasure in anything he does, even more in the stuff that he is passionate about. Despite his attitude, he is well versed in Karate and shows heavy proficiency in it, becoming very serious in any fight. He is very sensitive about his height.

As a girl, she retains her attitude, carefree and optimistic, but slightly more cheerful than her male form.



  • He is a black belt in Karate.